View Client

Under the "View Clients" button you will be able to see a list of every quote given throughout the tax season. You can sort the list by any of the column headers such as name, date, or estimate total by simply clicking on the column header title.

If you want to see what forms were quoted for a client, click on the "Est. Total" for that particular client. This will take you into the quote tool and you will be able to see where that quote derived from in detail.

By clicking on the client's name, you can edit this client's information such as address or phone number, and you can also delete them completely from the system if you want by clicking on the "Delete Client" at the bottom. If you just want to delete that quote but keep the client in the system you can click on the trash can at the far left of the quote.

Exporting Client Data

Click the export icon at the top left of the screen and the software will automatically export the entire list of quotes into an excel spreadsheet.

*Only the most recent version of a quote will be saved. If you go back into a quote later to make changes, the quote will automatically save those changes and will discard the old quote. You cannot save multiple quotes for the same person at this time.